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1. Anno Domini beats, the most hard body shit in the world right now, I am sure many wonder, how did you get Vinnie Paz to do that drop for you? And how does it feel to have such a heavy weight in hip hop do that for you?

I’ve worked with Vinnie on a few projects in the past, including the ‘Same Story’ track that will be featuring on his solo album, so I just asked him for a favour. Vin is a cool guy, he’s just busy as hell so it can be a nightmare to get a hold of him. It’s great working with him though, he’s a true force in the underground and Jedi Mind Tricks is one of my favourite Hip Hop groups of all time.

2. For those that may not know you, can you tell us a little bit about your self? Like where you’re from and how you got into making the most hard body shit in the world right now?

Haha! Well I’m 25 years old, originally from Germany but now living in London, UK. I got into making beats in 2004, just starting out for fun really, as a Hip Hop fan more than anything else. I discovered I had an ear for it and people were giving me props so I built upon that and stepped my game up year on year to get to where I’m at now. Along the way I added more and more producers to the team and eventually founded the ‘Anno Domini Records’ label. Today we’re one of the most recognised production houses worldwide, with over 30 million song plays and 5 million page views on our main site alone, as well as a long list of artist, film, TV and advertisement credits to our name.

3. Now, you founded Anno Domini beats right?

Yes I’m the founder and still the owner.

4. How many producers are down with you now?

There’s 7 official producers: 2Deep, Vherbal, Klive Kraven, One-Take, Screwaholic, Pikk and myself though we also work very closely with a number of other producers that are practically family such as Allrounda, Life And Death and 3rd Eye.

5. When I was in Prison back in the day, every time I wrote a rhyme on the bottom I would write my name Capital-“X” and next to it, I would write INDNJC standing for the Latin words In Nomine Domini Nostri Jesu Christi, “In the name of our Lord Jesus Christ.” I did that because I had read that Johann Sebastian Bach used to do that, your name Anno Domini is Latin correct?

Yes that’s right.

6. Meaning Year of Our Lord Jesus Christ’s birth correct?


7. How did you come about using the name Anno Domini which I think is dope a fuck?

Actually I chose the name as it’s a play on my real name, Adrian, the short form of which is A.D. I think Anno Domini expresses an ethereal and ancient sentiment that describes the kind of beats I make. Something that transcends the boundaries and you can’t quite put in words which is where the music takes over.

8. You have been mad busy, can you tell us some of the artists you have work with, done production for?

Recently we’ve worked with Vinnie Paz of course, Kool G Rap, Reef the Lost Cauze, Ras Kass, Chief Kamachi, Papoose and Royce Da 5’9.

9. Who has been you favorite artist to work with, or to have spit over your beat?

I’m gonna start sounding like I’m riding **** here, but it really has been a pleasure and an honour working with Vinnie. Like I said before, growing up JMT have always been one of my favourite, if not the favourite band and to go from seeing Vinnie up on stage to having him perform on your beats and give you props is amazing.

10. Who would you like to work with in the near future?

Most of my favourite emcees I have already worked with, or am in the process of working with. I’ve really been blessed! Though a few dream partnerships I’m still holding out for would be GZA, Mos Def or Talib Kweli.

11. Where do you see yourself in five years? Like where would you like to be? As big as Dre, Swizz Beatz?

Running a fully fledged and successful underground Hip Hop label. I want to be in a position to push good music and get it out to the listeners on a global scale. The goal is to be the next Rawkus or Babygrande. If you’re going to do it, be the best! I’m also looking to expand our global network of producers and create a music marketing agency and get more into corporate, music and film production.

12. How much time do you invest in making music lets say on a weekly basis?

At the moment I’m finishing up my Masters degree at University here in the UK so time is limited. And when I’m engaging with music unfortunately most of the time is spent with administrative stuff (answering e-mails, typing up contracts, uploading and sending files), but I try to spend at least one whole day a week, usually on the weekend, making beats. For me it’s almost therapeutic haha.

13. I consider you to be pretty successful this far, over the last two years I have seen you become near a house hold name, what advice would you give to a young up and coming producer?

Thank you! My advice as a beat-maker would be to focus on 3 main things: organisation, dedication and integrity. I put organisation first on purpose, don’t get lazy make sure you have a system and make sure you build up a relationship of trust with your customers. If you’re constantly late sending out beats or loose files or don’t answer your e-mails people aren’t going to come back to you. Be professional and courteous at all times and stay grounded.

14. Who are some of your influences?

I’ve been listening to Hip Hop since Wu-Tang’s 36 Chambers… I grew up with that underground East Coast sound, and I think it still shows in the beats I make today.

15. How do you feel about the state hip hop is in now?

Hip Hop to me is still the most creative and boundary-pushing vehicle for music. Alone the fact that it has become completely immersed in popular culture proves its significance, and I think to some extent this can be a good thing, it’s not all bad. The charts are dominated by Hip Hop music, I see Hip Hop’s influence everywhere. Now I’m not saying this is all good music or clever music, but Hip Hop is diverse and I think there’s scope for a lot of ingenious artists to do their thing. I’m all for genre-crossing experiments and pushing the envelope, I’m not one of those loyalists who thinks anything that doesn’t have an early 90s boom bap vibe is irrelevant.

16. Do you rap too? Ever think of getting on the mic?

When I was younger I picked up the mic on the odd occasion, but though my lyrics were pretty good I think, let’s just say I’m better off sticking to making bets!

17. In closing is there anything you would like to add or say that I may not have touched upon?

I’d just like to say thanks for the interview and for giving me a platform. I hope people find it interesting. If I read this back I’d probably find myself boring haha.

18. Wanna give any shout outs?

Yes I want to give a big shout to the whole Anno Domini Records fam: 2Deep, Vherbal, One-Take, Klive Kraven, Pikk, Screwaholic… and of course all the fans and supporters old and new who inspire us to make this music every day.

19. Where can people find your music and keep up with what you’re doing? I know you’re not hard to find but yea, let him know.

We just set up a new dotcom so check that out: More of our beats are also posted on the second page at, and of course you can find us on MySpace, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube! 

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