The Winner of our Anno Domini Song Contest 2016 is…

February 21, 2017 by Anno Domini | 3 comments
Anno Domini Song Contest 2016 Winner

The last few days have been really amazing – I want to tell you exactly what happened…

On Sunday I announced the winner of our $10,000 Anno Domini Song Contest 2016. For the first time EVER (I’ve been hosting annual song contests since 2006), we had an international winner. Also for the first time EVER we had a Christian rapper taking top spot.

A huge congratulations to Nu Breed from the UK, who impressed our team of 20 judges with his mic presence, delivery, passion and raw emotion. You could tell he really poured his heart and soul into it and held nothing back. Last year’s winner, Enkay47, ended up booking a national tour shortly after winning our contest, so I can’t wait to see where Nu Breed’s journey will take him.

The Top 10 was filled with witty lyricism, originality, bags of personality and crazy bars. We had a really hard time picking the winners out of 1000’s of entries and I want to give a huge shout out to everyone who took part! You can check out the Top 10 at the following SoundCloud link. Who is your number 1? Let me know in the comments below.

The weekend before our Song Contest winners were announced, I was once again at the Grammy’s… It’s always a special time of year for anyone that loves music and as usual I had a blast! Here’s me at the Grammy’s with my fiancée:

Anno Domini at the Grammy's 2016
Anno Domini at the Grammy’s 2016

What made this year a little different than usual, was the prevalence of INDEPENDENT MUSIC at the Grammy’s. I’m still tripping that Chance The Rapper took home that many awards!!! And he did it all with an album that’s available for streaming only, without a label backing him.

So why am I telling you about Nu Breed and Chance The Rapper?

My point is, independent artists have never had as much power as they do now. YOU are in control of your own destiny. It doesn’t matter where you’re from (UK? Canada? Bangladesh!?), what genre of music you make (Christian Rap? Soulful Boom Bap? Death Core Metal Rap!?) or who’s in your corner… you’ve got a shot!

As long as you have a solid work ethic, courage, tenacity and determination…

You’re gonna make it.


3 thoughts on “The Winner of our Anno Domini Song Contest 2016 is…

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