Wildstyle Magazine Interview (Vherbal)

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Time again for some exclusive content. The spotlight is on Vherbal (Of Anno Domini). His production credit list is long and I bet names like Chief Kamachi, Canibus, Copywrite, Diabolic, Louis Logic, Vinnie Paz, Ill Bill, Jus Allah, RA The Rugged Man, Pharoah Monch sound quite familiar to you. Check out Vherbal’s artist profile interview after the jump.

Name: Vherbal (Of Anno Domini)

Age: 28 Hometown: Toledo, OH (US)

Profession: Producer, Engineer, Emcee, And Operator of Anno Domini Studios and Anno Records (the actual label)

Crew: Anno Domini Beats

Producing since: 1996

Personal style: Authentic Hip-Hop (All types)

Influences: Premo, Pete Rock, J-Dilla, Madlib

First Equipment: Yamaha DJX

Current Equipment: EMU Xboard 49, Cubase 5, Mad VST’s, Reason, Focusrite Liquid Saffire Pro 56, Otari Mixdown Deck, Summit Audio 2ba, Dynaudio BM5’s, JBL Sub, Mackie HR-824’s, Yamaha NS10’s, Pioneer CDJ800’s, Vestax Mixer, Technics SL’s, Mojave Audio MA200, Neuman TLM103, Groove Tubes FET, Gang Of sm57’s, Crazy Dual 3.5ghz 4 gb DDR3 Custom PC, Dangerous Dbox and that’s just what I use, I have a plethora of other gear scattered about haha

Analog vs. Digital: Both, Its obvious now that you achieve the best sound using components from both, A good Analog Input signal Chain Recorded into a DAW, Outputed to dedicated analog summing bounced to a mixdown deck and then cleaned up digitally

Sampling: DAW and VST based, traditionally lifted from vinyl but some other sources

Releases: 2007 Homegrown, 2008 Vherbal 4 President

Production done for: Chief Kamachi, Canibus, Copywrite, Diabolic, Louis Logic, Vinnie Paz, Ill Bill, Jus Allah, RA The Rugged Man, Pharoah Monche and….mmm im sure im leaving some out…everything is a blur

Mcing: Yes sir, that’s why I started producing I was sick of rhyming off B-side instrumentals, I have my two solo projects Homegrown and Vherbal 4 president and im working on a new one called “Ill-Advised” the first single off it called “Back In The Lab” Debuted at #3 on The SC HipHop Charts, the album is slated to have features from Copywrite, Chief Kamachi, Burke The Jurke, Vzilla and possibly Crayz Walz and Louis Logic, Just Google Vherbal Back In The Lab To Peep It

B-Boying: Probably the only thing I don’t do hip-hop wise

Writing(graffiti): And this, although I do hip-hop album covers in photoshop haha

Djing: I Do my own cuts on all my albums and beats, so in theory yes I am part DJ as well, im getting better day at cuts have only been doing that for about 2 years now

Hip-Hop: mmm, yeah, only do hiphop..it is my life literally I wake up and do hiphop or hiphop oriented things until I pass out. I love the music the culture and the social awarenes of it all.

Internet: Its almost my only presence, im an internet based indie label, the internet is a double edged sword for the modern musician as it makes exposure more attainable but it also makes it so anyone can steal anything media based they desire disregarding the eminent consquence of them doing so, I am an internet freak as well..but I don’t steal music from artists I want to experience but its taking money from there pockets directly and making it harder to justify even releasing a hiphop record

Media: Music of course, Graphic and Web Design, And Video (THE VHERBAL SHOW ETC.) I basically do all media based things as many modern producers do, initially I started doing it to save money as I couldn’t afford someone to edit my video or do my graphic design, and know my excuse to do it is because I don’t trust anyone else to do it haha

Politics: Liberal I guess, more like my own party, I think the whole system is flawed, but im not quite an anarchist either lol, the american political circus is nauseating and I try to separate myself from it as I don’t approve of nearly 99 percent of what goes on, one thing they will never to stimluate the economy is take a pay cut, see how fast that gets voted down

Love: I Love Lamp! But seriously, a part of me thinks love is a term created my hallmark and hersheys to sell products another part of me wants to think it’s a genuine thing

Fans: I have 1 Fan Who lives in mountains of Argentina haha, my fan base is fairly large now due to my exposure through anno domini and various other internet marketing, basically if your not a fan of my work you either havent heard me or you’re an idiot with bad taste

Travelling: Never left the country (yet) have a tour scheduled in January for the new kamachi record and I plan on stopping in London to visit anno…would also like to visit Australia and Tokyo someday

Money: I Love Money! And I do farily well now a days, usually, I don’t do what I do for money I do it for respect and recognition, but we all know respect doesn’t pay the bills

Life: I am still alive, I have a insane fear of death haha, im hoping to live until the end of time I may have to look into becoming a vampire it seems to be very popluar right now

Drugs: Used to do a lot, now im a grown up, my current success is a direct result of stopping my drug use (weed mainly) and drinking, I find that when im high I don’t get anything accomplished I just wanna sit and eat and play video games, as fun as that is it isn’t very productive, besides would we be doing this interview if all I did was get high eat and play video games haha

5 of your Favourite Rap songs: Nas Is Like, Electric Relaxation, Let Me Ride, FlashFlood, The C-Quel

5 of your Favourite Rap albums: Nastradamus, The Chronic, Enter The 36 Chambers, Labor Days, Tronic

Top 5 songs of any music genre: Nas Is Like, Overdose (Black Milk), Flashflood (Aesop), Let Me Ride (Dre), CREAM (Wu)

Top 5 Lps of any music genre: As Stated above (RAP IS BEST)

Favorite drink: Newcastle Brown ALe

Favorite food: Huge Cheeseburgers with Bacon

Favorite sneakers: Nike Cortez

Favorite movie, actor: The Matrix, No Fav Actor really

Favorite sport, player: MICHAEL JORDAN (THE GREATEST OF ALL SPORTS EVER) I think I look up to him more than anyone else in history – he was driven more than anyone else

Future projects: New Chief Kamachi Record (TBD), Canibus (TBD), Heavy Metal Kings (TBD), Burke The Jurke (TBD), Vzilla (TBD), Nino Graye “Trial By Fire”, Vherbal “Ill-Advised”

Advice: Seize The moment

Shout outs and props: Shout outs to you…all the anno domini crew, my boy nino and nico and big d my girl jamie and my fam, dad, mom, sis, and dave peace   Originally posted at: http://wildstylemag.com/2010/09/vherbal-anno-domini-interview/[hozbreak]