We appreciate that while we have a big library of beats on our website, you might not always find exactly what you are looking for. Perhaps a beat you like is already sold, or you need an exclusive beat that no one will have heard or used before. We are happy to work to a range of project specifications and budgets and would ask you to fill out the email form below with as much information as possible abour your custom beat. This might include:

Producer – whether you would like a specific producer to work on the custom beat
Beat Style – perhaps you have a specific genre or mood in mind or could point us to some similar beats or pieces of music
Beat Structure – most Hip Hop beats are structured with an intro, 3 x 16 bar verses and 3 x 4 bar hooks and an outro
Instruments – e.g. piano, strings, 808s, choirs
BPM – the speed of the beat. An average speed for a Hip Hop beat is 90 BPM. You can simply tell us if you would like it up tempo, mid tempo or down tempo
Project Timing – how soon do you need it done?

You do not need to provide all of this information, but the more you tell us the better we can make sure we will create the ideal bespoke beat for you. After completing the email form, we will get back to you with a price suggestion as soon as possible. We require a 50% deposit to start working on custom beats, where the remainder is paid only when you are 100% satisfied with the results!