[Frequently Asked Questions]

Can you help me promote my music?

We offer a range of promotion services targeted at helping artists spread their music and grow their fanbase. With websites that attract over 3 million song plays and 300,000 page views monthly and a mailing list of tens of thousands of music lovers and industry contacts we are ideally placed to help you further your career. Our services include Facebook & Twitter Blast, YouTube Promotion, E-mail Blast, Home Page Slider, Artist Spotlight/Banner Ads and a full VIP Promotion Package. For more information on these please go to the Promotion section.

What other services do you offer?

As well as our promotion services we also offer Studio Recording, Mixing And Mastering and Artist Features from well-known musicians. We are also always on the look out for businesses and individuals interested in a Partnership. If there is anything you need that you can’t find on our website, simply contact us and chances are we will be able to help!

Can I send you my songs on your beats?

We are always happy to receive and listen to all tracks you record on our producers’ beats. The best tracks may also be featured on our Free Mixtape series and Albums, or otherwise showcased on our website. Please email us your tracks by uploading them on a free upload server such as WeTransfer or Sendspace.com and sending us the download link.

How can I get on one of your mixtapes?

Please see above.

Can I buy a spot on one of your mixtapes to guarantee my place?

We are happy to discuss further promotion options with you. You can reach us using the Contact page.

Do you have any song contests?

Yes, we have regular Song Contests and Video Contests where artists and creative heads can showcase their skills and compete with others for great prizes! As well as an annual Anno Domini Song Contest we also hold regular smaller contests. Keep an eye on the Contest section and make sure you’re subscribed to our mailing list.

Do you sign artists?

We are not currently signing artists as we are focusing on building our music production business. However, we’re always on the look-out for talent so do get in touch!

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