Juice Magazine Interview (Anno Domini)

November 3, 2016 by Anno Domini | no comment

Originally from Munich, and meanwhile holding down Nottingham, UK, Anno Domini has been making beats with professional aspirations since 2004. His first producer album, ‘Secret Archives’ was reviewed in our ‘Next Generation’ section, and for the sequel he’s planned big things: AOTP, Shyheim, La Coka Nostra and Sabac Red are just some of the emcees on board. On top of that he’s working with his partner 2Deep on beats for Jedi Mind Tricks and half Babygrande. 2008 could be a big year for Anno Domini beats.

Randam Luck – Murda (Babygrande, 2008) “I met Lucky from Randam Luck over soundclick.com. Back then they didn’t have the deal yet but a lot of hype around the San Diego area. Then when Randam Luck got signed by Babygrande we jumped on the band wagon. That opened a lot of doors for us: Randam Luck chose four of our beats for the ‘Conspiracy of Silence’ album and all of a sudden we were getting e-mails from people like Vinnie Paz, telling us our beats are dope. For ‘Murda’ I chopped up this obscure anime sample and the heavy kicks and snares are courtesy of 2Deep”.

Sci-Development feat. Kool G Rap – Dead Man’s Chest (Universal, 2008) “We linked with Sci-Development, who are also well known in the SD area, through Randam Luck. We talked over the net and they dug our beats so they ended up choosing several for their upcoming ‘Gas For The Machine’ album. One of the resulting tracks included a guest spot by Kool G Rap, the godfather of gangsta rap, and one of my absolute idols. We’re very proud of the track. The Sci album is dropping this year and is gonna cause a stir in the underground scene!”

Favorite – Ich Vermiss Euch (Selfmade Records, 2008) “A friend told us that Selfmade were looking for beats for the Favorite album so 2Deep sent a couple over and a few days later we got a very positive e-mail back. Originally they wanted two beats, but the 2nd one was later cut. The beat Favorite recorded on though ended up as the first album single and was no. 1 on MTV TRL for weeks. We were real stoked! For me this track is definitely the deepest on the album, the lyrics give me goose bumps every time I hear it.”

Sci-Development, Reef The Lost Cauze, Doap Nixon & Sick Six – 6 Ways 2 Kill ‘Em (Universal, 2008) “Sci really wanted this beat, though I had already promised it to someone else. They recorded on it anyway, and sent me a preview including the Reef verse. What I heard blew me away and I had a change of heart. Style-wise it’s kind of mainstream, with a simple violin melody and Neptunes drums, but it’ll make you bounce guaranteed.”

Thorobreads feat. Vellie Boy – Rep Yo City Life (Lockedown, 2007) “Originally I sent this beat to Ersguterjunge (German Hip Hop label) and I got a call back from Chakuza wanting several beats for his ‘City Cobra’ album. It was a done deal but all of a sudden I lost all contact to him and the album was released without any Anno Domini beats, so I passed this one on. Thorobreads are still rather unknown, but their frontman, Mista Mumbles, was recently a BET Freestyle Friday champ on 106 & park. The hard synths are courtesy of Apex (who also produced 50Cents’ ‘I Get Money’) and are kind of a-typical for an Anno Domini production, but nothing gets you jumping like an 808!” 

Originally posted in “Juice Magazine” January, 2008