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November 3, 2016 by Anno Domini | no comment Interview (Anno Domini)HTSB: So where are you from?

Anno Domini Beats: London, UK though I was born and raised in Germany.

HTSB: How long have you been making beats?

Anno Domini Beats: I started in 2004, so 8 years now.

HTSB: What/who inspired you to start making beats?

Anno Domini Beats: I was always a huge Hip Hop fan going back to the early 90s and I loved producers like DJ Premier, RZA and Dr DRE so one day it just seemed like a natural progression to follow in the footsteps of my idols.

HTSB: What tools do you use to create your beats?

Anno Domini Beats: I mostly use FL Studio, my Korg Triton and a boat-load of VSTs and plugins. I have a bunch of other equipment in my studio but that’s what I mainly use.

HTSB: How long did it take before you made your first beat sale?

Anno Domini Beats: I started off on Soundclick when the whole online beat buying was just developing. Originally I just posted my beats for fun and to get some constructive criticism but quickly people would be asking me how they could buy my beats so that’s when I put my business hat on and started to take it a bit more seriously.

HTSB: What is the best site out there to get started selling your beats online in your opinion?

Anno Domini Beats: If you had asked me that question 2 years ago I would’ve said Soundclick, hands down. However the site is now swamped with too many producers, the charts system is flawed, and the infrastructure is falling far behind with updates. So I would say make your own website. If you don’t know how to code, hire a web developer to make a site for you, get an instant, automated beat store installed, and finally invest in some online marketing.

HTSB: Do you think all producers should have their own website to sell there beats also?

Anno Domini Beats: See above!

HTSB: How important are graphic designs in the online production industry? Anno Domini Beats: First off: You can have the dopest graphics you paid thousands of dollars for but if your beats suck it won’t really matter. That being said, your website and your logo are like your shop window. Make sure they are eye-catching, professional and user friendly. If your website looks like it was made on the first computer ever created, chances are people will think twice about using it, never mind trusting it enough to spend money on it.

HTSB: Do you have anyone you would recommend for graphic designs?

Anno Domini Beats: I suggest you hit up, they coded our new website and have a fast turn-around time at fair prices.

HTSB: What is the most important thing an upcoming producer should focus on in your opinion?

Anno Domini Beats: First of all: Hone your craft. Make sure you have a good-sized catalog of well produced beats. Once you’ve accomplished that it’s time to learn the business and you should be spending 90% of your time promoting yourself and your music, and only 10% of your time making new beats. There’s no point sitting on 1000 awesome beats if you fail to make people hear them.

HTSB: How important is building an email list for producers who sell their beats online?

Anno Domini Beats: I never bothered much with building a mailing list in the past, though increasingly I’ve seen the value of a mailing list to maintaining your relationship with your customers. Of course for someone to sign up to your mailing list they already have to have a vested interest in your music, so chances are they’re already checking out your website regularly. Sending out newsletters is a good way to remind people of what you’re offering and to stop by from time to time though. Conversions on the back of newsletters are never very high, you have to understand that open rates of newsletters are rarely above 10% and click rates perhaps around 3-5%. Out of those people that click on a link you promote even fewer will actually place an order. So until you have a fairly substantial mailing list, don’t expect miracles.

HTSB: Do you sell drum/sound kits? If so how do you decide on pricing?

Anno Domini Beats: Yes I’ve sold Anno Domini Drum Collection Vol. 1 and Vol.2 which you can pick up at all major online drum loop vendors such as,,, and so on. In contrast to most producers who release a bunch of small kits with few sounds at low prices, I decided to distinguish my kits by making them premium products with a lot of sounds, all taken straight from my beats. The price reflects that and I’m happy to say both kits were best-sellers on all the websites I mentioned.

HTSB: Do you put out beat mixtapes/albums? If so how is beneficial to your business?

Anno Domini Beats: We do sell mp3 singles and collections of mp3 singles in bunches of 10-20 at a discount rate through our Soundclick MP3 Store. Those mp3 singles are just for non-profit use, for artists wishing to record demos and so on. It’s a nice little side business and brings in a few hundred extra dollars a month and it also encourages people to check our website often so they can download beats for free before they become paid mp3 downloads (usually after a week).

HTSB: What merchant site do you use to collect payments from customers?

Anno Domini Beats: PayPal. It’s the easiest, fastest and most trusted.

HTSB: How important is a big social media presence to today’s producer? Anno Domini Beats: Very important, I’m signed up to basically every social networking and bookmarking site there is. Increasing your visibility ultimately means you have more of a chance to get your name out and land some sales.

HTSB: Would you recommend another producer to do an interview w/

Anno Domini Beats: Definitely!

Conclusion Once again I have to pat myself on the back for giving you guys another great interview. I hope this was informative and inspiring to all the readers of I would like to thank Anno Domini Beats for taking the time to answer these interview questions and being a part of this process I know the readers of this site are just as grateful as I am.

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