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Hey. First of all thanks for your time. Tell me something about Anno Domini Productions for the people that don’t know you yet.

Anno Domini Beats is a production and licensing business made up of a team of international, award-winning producers. We cater to amateur artists, signed artists, labels, brands and spaces.

Who was or who were your major inspirations when you started beat-making?

I grew up on that early 90s East Coast boom bap.. Wu-Tang Clan, Mobb Deep, Gangstarr and that kind of stuff. So my greatest inspirations would be DJ Premier, RZA, Stoupe, Havoc, Dr. DRE and so on.

When you started your beat-making, did you imagine that your names would become that big?

Not at all, it started as a hobby and just kind of spiralled out of control. I never thought this would be my full-time job one day!

Some of your credits are a really big deal. Like Kool G Rap, Royce Da 5’9, Vinnie Paz, Three Six Mafia, Papoose and many more. How did these credits come about?

In the beginning we hustled a lot and tried to network with as many people as possible, reaching out to managers, A&Rs and the artists directly. Today we are fortunate enough to have built a reputation so the artists find us!

For you as producers in professional stand, what makes you feel successful? Is it the recognition or something else?

Success is subjective. I’m making my full-time living doing what I love and feel happy, so I feel successful.

TNT, a rapper from Greece, is going to drop an album fully produced by Anno Domini. Tell me something about this collaboration.

I’ve been talking to TNT for a long while, he’s a great artist and I think he will go on to do big things in Greece. The album is going to be straight-up Hip Hop with a raw underground flavour. No sugar coating!

Do you like European Hip Hop? Do you believe European rappers have quality in their work?

Yes I do, I’m from the UK and we have a very diverse and creative music industry here with a lot of sub-styles like dubstep, trip hop, grime and so on. Originally I’m from Germany so I still listen to German Hip Hop too. I love the French sound, and Greek Hip Hop sounds straight up nasty!

If a major label came and asked you to make a banger for a mainstream rapper or R&B singer what you would say?

Yes, as long as I can maintain my creative freedom.

What do you think about new producers like Lex Luger or SouthSide? Are they just a new fad and won’t last long or do they have a future in this “game”?

Lex who?

I was on your website and I saw you have some free stuff and low prices for your beats. Do you like to support young artists or do you believe this is a easy way to attrack people to buy your beats?

Like I said, this started out as a hobby. Once upon a time I was one of those young artists making music for the love and nothing else. So I like to support new artists trying to do the same.

What is your favorite production style? Chopping samples or creating something new?

Both! I started out composing, then switched to sampling. Now I try to combine the two.

Which is your favorite Anno Domini Collab? My favourite song was probably the collab with Vinnie Paz on ‘Same Story’. Unfortunately his label dropped the beat from the album due to sample clearance, but it has grown into something of an internet phenomenon. Thousands of people have hit me up telling me how that beat and the song have touched them and helped them through difficult times, and that’s something that makes you very proud and happy.

Something that would interest other producers: What is your equipment like? What’s your favorite machine to work with?

The only piece of hardware I use really is my Korg Triton. Apart from that it’s all software with a ton of plugins and VSTs.

Do you have plans for some studio albums like Statik Selektah?

We’ve released two producer albums; ‘Secret Archives’ Vol. I and II. They feature a load of guest spots by well-known underground artists and newcomers alike, I think the first album is sold out online, but you can still get hold of the second one on all online retailers like Amazon.

Do you have any advice for the young producers out there? Stay hungry, work hard, and remember to promote yourself. You can have the dopest beats in the world but if nobody is hearing them you won’t go anywhere.  

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