Anno Domini release first official VST

November 7, 2016 by Anno Domini | no comment

Ill Drums Xtreme VSTi is here!

The Anno Domini producers are proud to present our first official VSTi program: Ill Drums Xtreme, distributed by our new company Music Weapons. Hands down, Ill Drums will change the way you make drums for good. Check out the demo video above right now!  

Change the way you make drums with Ill Drums Xtreme VSTi

Ill Drums Xtreme ships with over 270 ready-made kits taken straight from the Anno Domini producers beats which you can cycle through on the fly. That’s over 1000 drum samples! You will also have access to a constantly updated library of expansion kits by award-winning producers (such as C-Lance, in-house producer for Enemy Soil Records and many more to follow) as well as patches and upgrades. Ill Drums Xtreme VSTi can be installed on Windows or Mac, and works with any popular DAW (such as FL Studio, Reason, Pro Tools, Logic etc.).  

Where can I buy Ill Drums Xtreme VSTi?

Ill Drums Xtreme VSTi v1.06 is retailng now from the Music Weapons website for a special introductory price of $149.90. For more information or to purchase a copy now, head to [hozbreak]