Jawn Morales, Producer CBS

“At CBS we are always searching for great music to elevate our programming and evoke emotional responses from our music. Anno Domini’s music certainly fulfills this criteria – the epic, orchestral pieces suit our needs perfectly.”

Crooked I, Slaughterhouse

“I have known Anno Domini for a number of years now. I can say that they always great production work and bring skills to the table that others can’t.”

Brian Shafton, CEO RBC Records

“With my extensive knowledge and experience of the music industry I feel that I can recommend Anno Domini without reservation as he is a unique production talent having worked with the likes of Snoop Dogg, Crooked I or Canibus. The work is of exceptionally high standard.”

Patty Coaley, MGM Resorts International

“Our company, MGM Resorts International, recently cast a show that featured our employees (…) we used two amazing beats from your website. They were perfect for our theme and we want to thank you for producing beats that inspire others to inspire our world.”

Charles Hairston, Virtual Atlantic Inc.

“I had a chance to work with Adrian originally while looking for a music and production soundtrack for a client. At the time, Adrian was just beginning his business, but I could tell immediately he was one of the most professional and intellectual people I had ever come across in the music industry. He was polished in each interaction and never missed one meeting and/or deadline. Today I have continued to work with Adrian in a variety of ventures and I am never surprised when I hear of the success he is having currently. Adrian is one heck of an entrepreneur and visionary. Furthermore, musically I think he has a rare, unique, and impressive ear for what sells. I look forward to continuing to work with him in the future and encourage anyone to work with him, as he will never fail to surpass your expectations!”

Boston SCOE Music Group

“I have purchased a couple of beats from Anno Domini and every time my song has had success. I would definitely recommend them to others”

Moda Foka Clothing Co.

“Great results, good value, creative. We hired Adrian as a music producer in 2009 and several times since”

DeSoul, Artist

“I’ve gotten many fans from using your beats in my raps. 2Deep and the rest of the crew go hard for real. Low affordable prices and free usage for non-profit use, that wins in my book”

John Garrison a.k.a. Jon-Jon, Artist

“Adrian is a dope music producer, with a dope website and company. I respect his hustle and creative drive to bring forth banging beats and radio friendly hooks. 1 Love to Anno Domini Beats”

Vinnie Paz (Jedi Mind Tricks), Artist

“Anno Domini Beats… the most hardbody **** in the world right now!”

Alexander Maisel, eXpansys

“I have had the pleasure of working with Adrian to help promote several of the products available at eXpansys and he has proved to be an incredibly helpful and prompt person. Adrian wrote several blog posts and reviews for these products, helping eXpansys to further our visibility online. I hope to be able to work more with Adrian in the future as he has proved to be a valuable and efficient person with whom to do business! I will certainly recommend Adrian to everyone, as he is a pure talent in the music industry and a professional in what he’s doing in business”

His-Story, Artist

“I’ve been listening and rapping on Anno Domini Beats for some years now. Somehow I always find something that inspires me to push me beyond my current level. With that said, I want to thank you and the whole team for doing this. Keep making beats and push forward!”

Joe Kivlin, Owner Vegas Eagles Football Club

“Adrian is a rare breed in not only the music industry, but life in general and is considered a part of our family even though we have never met in person. His accolades and success have not changed the decent, honest, understanding, hardworking and generous person that he was prior to being recognized as one of the most sought after producers in underground Hip Hop. Simply put, no words can describe the type of person, musician and businessman Adrian is and the contributions he has made and continues to make to Hip Hop music”

Lino Cordova, CEO All Star Music Group

“Adrian of Anno Domini Beats is a talented and very hardworking individual”

Jay Keys, Artist

“Tim Ross is UK’s breath of fresh air”

Megiddo, Producer

“I’ve been a fan of Anno Domini Beats from the first beats I heard. I’m glad that they sell while still keeping it real, keeping it Hip-Hop. It was great to collaborate with AD and I would definitely do it again!”

OMA (Official Mixtape Awards)

“Nice to have some diversity in the UK music game”

Brandon Pillow

“I used Anno Domini’s beats on 90% of my first mixtape and though I have grown a lot since then I STILL get compliments on the production from 3 years ago! Big ups Anno Domini!”

Short Fuse Entertainment

“We here at Short Fuse Entertainment LOVE your guys’ beats… they are basically all we use these days. Keep killin’ it!!”

Nasser Jebril, CEO TrustMyRecords

“Couldn’t make it without him… it’s a guy everyone should try… my slogan for Adrian”

Smartz, Artist

“UK producers watch your back!”

D-Reign, Artist

“Adrian is an excellent producer! He brings a very fresh take to an element of the Hip-hop culture that has long been missing. His productions are always first rate with the highest quality mixing at prices that are very affordable. I would highly recommend Anno Domini for endorsement as well as to any artist looking for highly inspiring production”

Ryan Fuller

“First off, he (Anno Domini) is a work horse. He updates his music page with multiple new beats every week. Secondly, he offers lease 1 beat get 1 beat specials all of the time, which is very economical for a musician trying to build a fan base. Last, he is easy to work with. He got me my order within 24 hours every time I placed an order with him, and the one time I made an error in my order, he fixed it the same day for me. Much love and respect for Anno Domini. He is a top 5 producer in my mind. He has inspired many of my best songs”

Michael Graef

“My group has used Anno Domini Beats for most of our projects, either promotional or commercial. We’ve tried other producers, but none of them have ever shown quality or customer service as great as Anno Domini”

Jreal, Artist

“When in need of inspiration and a deep sounding beat I always go for Anno Domini Beats”

Rizal Dinglasan

“I’ve searched the internet for the best beats to record hip hop music to. Anno Domini Limited is leaps and bounds ahead of the pack. They produce beats of the highest quality with different packages to suit each client’s needs. I would definitely work with Adrian again”

Rumorz, Artist

“When it comes to samples, there are not many who flip them better than 2Deep!”

Dion Baker

“I’ve used Adrian for his music services on multiple occasions. He has a special ear for musical composition and a creative production style that is crisp, evocative, and unique”

Ryan Maxwell, Owner Hip-Hop Kings

“I’ve known Adrian for close to a decade, and I’ve seen him take incredible steps from a start-out company, to a well respected and globally known company that is Anno Domini Limited. I hope we can continue working together in the long term future and I would fully recommend Adrian to anybody looking to do business with him”

Merchaholic, Artist

“Anno Domini Beats have been giving birth to some of the nastiest instrumentals for a long time. I’m glad they’ve giving me the chance to put some of their babies to rest”

Lewis Upton, Now Technologies

“Adrian is a brilliant businessman with excellent commercial acumen, and an innovative approach to what he does. I look forward to working further with him in the future”

Rod B Gutta, Artist

“I honestly think that you will be happy as a result of Adrian’s professionalism and quality of work. His beats and production team is amazing!”

Keith A. Garceau, Executive Producer Ill City Entertainment Inc.

“I have been working with so many of Adrian’s music over the years with personal projects and project ideas. The style and quality of the music instrumentals he supplies is outstanding. I look forward to more of his great work”

Brian ‘Essince’ Collins, CEO Royal Heir Entertainment

“I’ve been working with Adrian and Anno Domini for years and not only is his production incredible but the price and delivery are great, too. I’ve been recommending his work to friends and colleagues for years and will continue to do so”

Dubbs, Artist

“If it ain’t Anno Domini Beats, it’s probably about as good as rapping over fart sounds while clapping your hands”

Dan Kemp, Producer DKFellon

“Anno Domini Limited is easily the best company in its class. There is no competition when it comes to Quality and Service. Adrian is the Most Talented Producer I have worked with, and every artist I’ve worked with has that same opinion”

Yasheen Vickers, Executive Producer, African American Music EXPO


Jim Driscoll

“BEST BEATS!!!! Good to work with responds quickly”

Reginald Bradley

“Adrian is the most upstanding professional that I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with. His work is superior to others in his profession. High energy and detailed are just a few of the words to describe Mr.Boeckeler. I’ve worked with Adrian several times and I look forward to working with him again in the near future. I recommend that anybody in the music Industry that is looking for Excellent Quality in Production give Adrian Boeckeler a call. You won’t be disappointed”

Concept, Artist

“Anno Domini Beats is where it all started for me, I didn’t rap on any beat unless it was produced by Anno Domini when I first started. Some of the grimiest beats I’ve ever heard”

Sam Neter, Owner Hoopsfix.com

Whenever I need beats for any of my projects, Adrian is the first person I go to. He is always quick to respond to any requests I have that aren’t on the website and goes above and beyond expectations. I would highly recommend working with or hiring Adrian and using his beats for any projects you may have; Anno Domini Beats are awesome!

PBJ, Artist

“Anno Domini have been at the top of my list for beats since I first found them years ago, amazing tracks, amazing team and such a vast variety of beats, Keep up the good work! Bless”

War Generalz, Artist

“One cannot discount the diversity that Anno Domini brings. Their beats can range into many genres, moods, etc. The added bonus is that on all the instrumentals every instrument or scratch can be heard with the utmost clarity. War Generalz have and will always support this great company”

Billions, Artist

“I bought over $1,000 worth of beats from Vherbal – Best beats I have ever heard and am surprised that he isn’t getting more recognition. The beats are so complex, smooth, and amazing. The prices he gives them to me for are RIDICULOUSLY CHEAP!”

Block McCloud (Army of the Pharaohs), Artist

“Seems like every time I gotta make a hit it’s over an Anno Domini beat!”

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