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XX Beat
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By: Anno Domini

April 14, 2016

BPM: 70

4Klassix collaboration. Anthemic and inspiring beat with orchestral elements mixed with a modern hip hop sound.

Genre : Rock, Orchestral      Mood : Inspiring      Instruments : Synth, Electric Guitar, Strings, Percussion

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By: Vherbal

April 07, 2016

BPM: 130

An epic take on trap style with with hypnotizing strings and slumping drums.

Genre : Dirty South, Trap      Mood : Hype      Instruments : 808, Brass, Strings, Vox

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Hard White Beat
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By: 2Deep

April 30, 2016

BPM: 69

Dark chants and pluck synths over heavy 808s and new school kick & snares.

Genre : Trap      Mood : Dark      Instruments : Synth, 808, Vox

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By: Sentury Status

April 29, 2016

BPM: 112

Trap fused with west, creepy vibe, 808 slides, glockenspiel with horror sound effects.

Genre : West Coast, Trap      Mood : Evil      Instruments : 808, Brass, Strings, Bells

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By: 2Deep

April 28, 2016

BPM: 96

Mysterious sounding synths over steady drums and a heavy subbass.

Genre : East Coast, Film Music      Mood : Confident      Instruments : Piano, Synth, 808, Choir, Strings

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By: Screwaholic

April 27, 2016

BPM: 85

Freddie Gibbs boombap style beat.

Genre : East Coast, Hip Hop      Mood : Happy      Instruments : Guitar, Flute, Strings, Percussion

Shakedown Beat
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By: 2Deep

April 26, 2016

BPM: 97

Old vinyl style soul sample over old school drums.

Genre : Hip Hop, Old School      Mood : Funky      Instruments : Electric Guitar, Vox

Smoke Beat
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By: Epistra

April 25, 2016

BPM: 83

Mysterious, head bumping beat with guitars, bouncy drums, sub bases, pianos, synths and brass.

Genre : West Coast      Mood : Mysterious      Instruments : Piano, Synth, Brass, Electric Guitar

Trap God Beat
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By: 2Deep

April 24, 2016

BPM: 70

Dark glitchy piano over gliding 808s and trap drums.

Genre : Gangsta, Trap      Mood : Angry      Instruments : Piano, 808, Bells

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By: 2Deep

April 23, 2016

BPM: 82.5

Deep reminiscent melody over hip hop style drums.

Genre : Hip Hop, Film Music      Mood : Mysterious      Instruments : Bells, Sitar

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By: Dansonn

April 22, 2016

BPM: 90

Mellow inspiring piano melodies with strings and heavy drums.

Genre : East Coast, Underground      Mood : Sad      Instruments : Piano, Choir, Strings, Bells

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By: 2Deep

April 21, 2016

BPM: 66

Abstract stabs and mesmerizing harps over chilled out new school drums.

Genre : Club, Hip Hop      Mood : Smooth      Instruments : Synth, 808, Harp

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  • At CBS we are always searching for great music to elevate our programming and evoke emotional responses from our music. Anno Domini's music certainly fulfills this criteria - the epic, orchestral pieces suit our needs perfectly.

    - CBS
  • I have known Anno Domini for a number of years now. I can say that they always great production work and bring skills to the table that others can't.

    - Crooked I (Slaughterhouse)
  • With my extensive knowledge and experience of the music industry I feel that I can recommend Anno Domini without reservation as he is a unique production talent having worked with the likes of Snoop Dogg, Crooked I or Canibus. The work is of exceptionally high standard.

    - Brian Shafton (CEO, RBC Records)
  • Our company, MGM Resorts International, recently cast a show that featured our employees (...) we used two amazing beats from your website. They were perfect for our theme and we want to thank you for producing beats that inspire others to inspire our world. 

    - MGM Resorts
  • Seems like every time I gotta make a hit it's over an Anno Domini beat!

    - Block McCloud (Army of the Pharaohs)
  • Anno Domini Beats... the most hardbody sh*t in the world right now!

    - Vinnie Paz